Hello, Blog (again) 🙄

This is the nth time I’ve switched blogging platforms. So, I’ll try to articulate why I switch these things so often. I ❤️ Markdown Markdown is one of those things that I’ve liked ever since the first time I used it. If you don’t know, Markdown is a really simple way of writing rich text using nothing more than a handful of characters to denote formatting. The format is super-simple and in my opinion one of the best ways to write content such as this blog post. … »

The Introduction. A Fool's Guide To Writing Functional JS (Part 1)

You’re a developer going about your day writing loops and pushing and deleting stuff from arrays and what not. And then some day you think 🤔 maybe I should test my code… “Shouldn’t be too hard”, you say. And then you get started, you learn the basics of unit testing and even write some tests. But as soon as your code gets a bit more complex, it starts to seem like almost impossible to test. … »