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Hi 👋, I'm Fahad (/fähæð/)

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Glad to see you here!

I'm a Software Engineer* from Bangladesh; living in Berlin, Germany.

I'm working as a Senior Frontend Developer at Virtual Minds at the moment, formerly employed at aws, Westwing, Digital Health, and a few other places.

I don't believe in sticking to one tech stack, I just have more experience making web apps using React (etc.) than most other things I know. I enjoy learning about new technology (languages/frameworks/libraries/syntax…) and I'm usually willing to try out new ideas and even pay the early-adopter tax if the tech seems awesome.


My Hobbies and Interests

Non-human Languages That I know

Tier 1
actively work with
Tier 2
want to work with
Tier 3
familiar, but don't like
TypeScriptReScript/ReasonC# ( and .NET)
JSX + /(SA|SC|C)SS/Rust